Dienstag, 16. April 2013

30 Random Things About The Girl Behind The Scenes

Because I always liked to read random facts of other bloggers, I wrote some about me.

#1 I fear the hairdresser. Seriously, I never really like to cut my hair. Not even a centimeter or the tips.
(which probably explains my spliss hair...)

#2 My bedroom is almost always a big chaos but my note- and schoolbooks are neat and clean.

#3 Because I was always late for a long time, my parents forwarded the clock in the kitchen 15 minutes.

#4 I generally don't like it to be photographed thats why I started early to stand behind the camera.

#5 Sometimes my laughter sounds like I am very evil. That's confusing my friends.

#6 I love to travel.

#7 This is not the first Blog I write. I had one before but I couldn't identify myself with it anymore.

#8 I first planned to do an exchange year in Southafrica.

#9 I hate TV.

#10 I am left handed and proud of it.

#11 I am a dick head. If I want something I would run through walls to reach it.

#12  2 years ago I wouldn't go to school without wearing my top head.

#13 I have flat feet.

#14 I love to ride my bicycle but since I am in India I never had the opportunity to do it.

#15 Two of the best people of the world are almost always with me. I know one of them since 14
 Years and the other one grew on me as fast as nobody ever before. I could never do without them!

#16 My favorite food is different every month. Most of the times it is Lasagne.

#17 I danced ballett for eight years but would never start again with it.

#18 Since almost 9 Years I am playing the violin.

#19 I hate hair clips.

#20 I would never wear T-shirts with silly jokes.

#21 I listen to music every single day.

#22 I never eat the white jelly bears.

#23 I am so forgettable that my dad always used to say : "kid, you should be happy that your head is
 grown on you"

#25 I love the scent that one can smell while coming home after a long travel.

#26 Thriller and horror movies are to scary for me.

#27 I love bonfire!

#28 When I am older I want to do a roadtrip through India with my friends.

#29 I would love to see Morocco, Egypt, Istanbul, Bali, NY, Texas, Saõ Paulo, Costa Rica, Barcelona,
 Equador, Ireland, Iceland, Wellington, Cape Town, Durban, Nepal, China, Moscow, Denmark,
 Amsterdam, Namibia, London and a lot of other places before I die.

#30 While writing this post, I was listening to this:



You make my day ♥