Freitag, 31. Januar 2014

Bye Bye January, Bye Bye Folks, See You After Holidays.

This January...

... I went into the big park of the abandoned Airport in Berlin with L.

I was amazed by my new camera lens and it's ability to capture the greatest colors (this one is not edited)..

I spend a lot of time sketching and drawing. This is the face of my sister. Unfinished. And a bit yellow.

I learned new songs on the piano and also started to compose a few...

...I gazed through a lot of shop windows and I loved especially this one, with all the mannequins dancing around.

The man with the soup bubbles fascinated me,

I cut off half of my hair, 

And I got a new pair of glasses (sorry, this picture is a little bit blurred). 

This was my start of the year. The first 31 Pages out of 365. 
Tomorrow I will leave Berlin for winter vacations, and I will see you soon, after that! Stay warm and cozy <3

Fink - Honesty



  1. beautiful pictures! it seems like you're a very good at drawing!

  2. oh so ein schöner post!! solltest du öfter machen das find ich echt cool so ein kleiner rückblick :) und die brille ist echt cool!!! so eine möchte ich auch also so ähnlich.. darf ich fragen woher du die hast? :)


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